Anónima by CM

Under the name of Anónima by CM, this Madrid based designer Carmen Mª Castañeda Díaz has created a new fashion firm, by following the standards of Haute Couture, the recovery of traditional techniques and artistic experimentation to create unique, exclusive, and numbered series of creations treated as pieces of art.  Anónima by CM

A Cool Hunter in London

Today is not raining so I’ve decided to wear my new nude studded Chelsea boots from Aldo. Also today I will follow the latest trend in world-maps prints with my also new Urban Outfitters watch. Oh yes, this is London. A Cool Hunter in London

Berlin is poor but sexy

Beyond its complex history, the remains of the two Germanys, the long years of Nazi dictatorship, the reunification still visible on the streets of the city, Berlin is known as well as a cultural and artistical center; it is one of the most influential in the political arena of the European Union and in 2006 was chosen as Creative City by UNESCO. Berlin is poor but sexy


It is not usual to be invited to >original private parties< because almost everything is already invented but… Croxé

Shopping in Maastricht!

Se le conoce como el balcón de Bruselas, París y Colonia y también como la histórica sede del Tratado de la Unión Europea. La importancia de la ciudad de Maastricht comenzó hace mucho tiempo, cuando los romanos reconocieron el valor estratégico de su localización y construyeron un asentamiento allí. Shopping in Maastricht!