Untitled, Alexander McQueen Biopic

A biopic based on the life and legacy of the legendary fashion designer has been kicking around for some time…

Andrew Haigh, Director of an Oscar-nominated movie is developing a film about the award-winning British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen who killed himself in 2010. The biopic will be based on a script by playwright Chris Urch, author of Land of Our Fathers and The Rolling Stones. It’s thought he’ll be working from Blood Beneath the Skin, a biography of McQueen written by Andrew Wilson. Trailer soon!

Andrew Haigh, director de una película nominada al los Oscar, está desarrollando una película sobre el galardonado diseñador de moda británico Alexander McQueen, quien se suicidó en 2010. El biopic estará basado en un guión del dramaturgo Chris Urch, autor de Land of Our Fathers y los The Rolling Stones. Se cree que estará trabajando de Blood Beneath the Skin, una biografía de McQueen escrita por Andrew Wilson. Muy pronto el trailer aquí en muymia!

Alexander McQueen, and Jack O’Connell starring as Alexander McQueen

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