DIY (Do it Yourself)

DIY – Do it yourself  trend has hit hard this season… Be wilde and give a personal touch to your wardrobe and your home decor! You’ll feel proud of what you can do by yourself! Here are some examples… La tendencia HUM – Hazlo tu mismo pega fuerte esta temporada… Así que atrévete y dale un toque personal a […]


Custom Flip Flops

Imagine you could design your own Flip Flops and leave funny impressions in sand and soft soil with each step. Now this is possible at Etsy webste! They are made from comfortable EVA foam and available in many sizes and colors. Simply by providing your desired sole design or text, flip flop color and flip […]


Unconventional jewelry

Nothing is as it used to be anymore and the same happens to jewelry. Everything is changing and reinventing… Here you’ll see real innovative, unusual and different pieces from etsy. Unconventional items… exactly what muymia loves. Nada es como era y lo mismo ocurre con la joyería. Todo cambia, se modifica, se reinventa… A continuación […]