WeekEND sensation

There’s nothing like waking up early without alarm clock on a Saturday morning, drink a coffee while watching the Sea, the Sun and black swallows flying from my window and think: Mmm… Today is holiday and I still have one more day! Very good morning. No hay nada como despertarse temprano y sin despertador un […]


Sunlight cleans my clothes

Can you imagine to clean a shirt only with the rays of the sun, without water or detergent? A recent study published on the magazine Applied Materials & Interfaces revealed that researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) have already achieved it. His invention works because of cotton fabric covered with dioxide of titanio nanoparticles […]


Cat me

Dicen que soy como un gato, que si me agarras me escapo. Astuto y simpático, como arisco y desconfiado. Come por los ojos, es fiel a si mismo, a los suyos y le sobra personalidad. No le asusta la soledad si es para disfrutar de sí mismo, pero jamás olvida el camino a casa. Independiente en la dependencia, […]