Can’t sleep?

The other day I red something that made me think. Until that day I have always believed that ‘can’t sleep’ is the most annoying thing can happen to me. I have never liked to wake up in the middle of the night and realizing I am the only one awake. I don’t know why but […]


Loewe ORO Collection 2012

The Loewe‘s new campaign ‘Gold Collection 2012’ wants to reach young audiences to reflect the “new spirit of Madrid” becoming the ‘punching bag’ of Twitter. It consists of several ‘spots’ in which the young artists appearing are the new face of the Loewe spring/summer 2012 collection. La nueva campaña de Loewe ‘Oro Collection 2012’ para acercarse al público joven y reflejar el “nuevo espíritu de Madrid” se ha convertido […]